Complete Purchase Process
In this software purchase cycle is starting from Purchase quotation.

With purchase quotation you keep and always know what was your received quotations, what was the rates which other people announced you, and with these information you could buy your items with the best prices.

You can have one step before purchase and that is Purchase order, in many companies accountants should provide a purchase order and the manager will see and confirm the rates then they can do the purchase.

In this software you could have purchase with any currencies, you can buy the items in USD / Euro / Dirham or any other currencies, in this case software will ask you exchange rate at the date of purchase and apply it to the vouchers.

You can add unlimited additional or deduction items at the end of purchase invoices, like delivery costs or tax or discounts , etc. and you can mentioned those should be added to the items cost or comes separately in profit and loss. report.

Sometimes you are receiving items which you are sure those are yours but don't know who has sent those and how much is the rates. in this case you can enter those in Receipt Note section of this software to effect items quantity and inventory and change it back to normal purchase after finding out the rates and sender.
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