One of the most flexible and powerful parts of AFG Accounting is Payroll section.

In this section you can define the organization chart of your company as well as departments then for each department; you will define variables, calculation formula and payment rules.

For example you can define how to calculate salary for sales department, for labors department, secretaries, managers and etc.

Then when you enter a staff to any department, he/she inherits all the variables and payment rules from department definition. and of course you can change some of the specific formula for each staff out of its definition in his department.

Pay slip
You can design separate pay slips for each department and when you define a staff and set its department, the payslip designs for that department will come to that staff. and it is editable

Pay sheet
You can define several pay sheets, each could have different columns. so you can design different paysheets for each department with different columns. these columns could have fixed data, formulated data or pointing to a ledger for getting its balance. (like salary advance column)

Expiry Reports
In this software you can define date variables for staff. (like contract expiry date)
You have expiry reports for the staff who has date variables, for example you can have a list of the staff who their contracts are going to be expire within 10 days or some other reports like that for visa / passport expiry date.
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