P. O. S. (Point of Sale)
It is a cashier system which allows the operator to enter purchased Items by scanning their barcodes or selecting items by touch screen monitors, and prints the bill with small printers.

In P.O.S System, customers can pay by cash, credit card or foreign currencies.

You probably might have seen this system in some big supermarkets and shopping centers like Spynes, Carrefour, IKEA, some restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, bars etc.

By using AFG Accounting Software you have complete P.O.S system.

You can control several shops
This software is designed to control several shops from head office.

in this system new items are defined and set prices in head office then these data will transfer to shops by internet or manually by a flash drive.

There is an agent in every shops, his job is communicating to head office, receiving price lists from head office, sending sold items list to head office, control cashiers and sellers and closing and opening new shifts in shops computers.

Let me explain you about shifts: each shop could have several shifts and in each shift several sales could work. for example one shift from 7:00 AM to 13:00, second shift from 13:00 to 19:00 and ...

Each sales person has a password, he/she enter her password and log in to the system and do her sale. at the end of the shift each sale person owe you her sales amount and she needs to pay that to clear her account.

The shops are selling the items with the prices which is coming from head office and at the end of the day they send their sales list to head office thru internet and our software in head office generates sale vouchers automatically for that and updates all stock balances.

P.O.S. system is good for who?
That is ideal software for you if you have a shop and you are selling something.

Supermarkets, Cafe terries, General Trading s, Mobile shops, Computer and accessories shops, Garments shops, Sport shops, Home things shops, Restaurants, Pharmacies, Beauty shops, food and beverages shops, etc.

This software is the best selection for you also if you are giving some services in your business.
You can define your services as a virtual stock item and set price for that and sell.

So, you are welcome if you select this software and you are a Doctor or Den teeth or if you have a hospital or Pool or Gym or ...

AFG Accounting supports all kinds of barcode readers, Touch screen monitors, slip printers and Digital panels.
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