If you are always or sometimes making or assembling something in your business, AFG Accounting is the best software solution for you.

All you need to do is define components, raw materials and overhead costs for each product once.

Then when you enter the number of products which are made, the system calculate the real cost of each product and adds them to the stock and also deducts used materials and generate all related vouchers in this process.

Maybe you don't have any production or assembling in your business but you can still use this part of AFG accounting software when some part of your items destroyed or damaged or broken, because you can see this event as a transformation.

Component Items
In this software you can define compound items (Products), and those are the items which have components.

in fact you can say each product is including what items or raw materials.

What is software reaction when you change and update raw material rates?
It will definitely happens in your production life and the software reaction is very important.

Let me to give you an example:
A product has made, its cost is calculated from sum of its raw materials + overhead costs. then this product has already sold by the rate of more than its cost so it has made some profit for you and this profit is visible in Profit & Loss. report.

and now, you have found out the purchase price of one of its raw material was entered by mistake and it should be updated.

Now, the question is what will happen to the profit & Loss. report after changing the purchase price of that raw material?

The reaction of this software in this situation is perfect.

First of all let me tell you this software lets you to change the old vouchers, and when you change the purchase price of that raw material, the software starts to recalculate the cost of all products which has made after (those are using that raw material) according to the methods of coasting like Average, FIFO or LIFO, then the software recalculate all profits in the sales of that product after that date and finally you will see the hole result in Profit & Loss. report.

Which businesses could use this part of AFG Accounting?
  • If you have a restaurant and want to know how much does each meal cost.
  • If you are making or building something.
  • If you are making some food products.
  • If you are assembling something.
  • etc.
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