Job Costing
In Job costing part of this software you can define and categories your Jobs like a tree, then in each transaction like any payment voucher, journal voucher, purchase and etc. you can mention it belongs to which job.

Then the software calculate the cost for each.

How you can assign an amount to a project (Job) ?
  • You can assign each row of Payment voucher, Receipt voucher or Journal vouchers to a project.
  • Purchase: if you assign a purchase voucher to a project, it makes the project debit.
  • Sales: If you assign a sales voucher to a job, it makes the project (job) credit.
  • Payroll: you can assign the staff salaries to a project also to make it more debit.

What job costing can do for you out of its own purpose?
One way of using job costing is creating component accounts. imaging a person who has one account under 'Sundry Debtors' and another account under 'Sundry Creditors'.

To find his status in all his accounts you can create one job costing account and use it in all his transactions, then you will see his status in job costing reports.

Another way of using job costing is when you want a report on some of the  vouchers, for example on the sale vouchers bigger than 2 millions,

First you need to create one job costing account and use it in the sales vouchers with total amount of bigger than 2 millions.

Then all job costing reports for this account will give you information about those vouchers.

Job costing reports are as below:

  • Cost center summary
  • Cost center break-up
  • Ledger Break-up
  • Group Break-up
  • Cost center vouchers
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