Fixed Asset, Asset depreciation and Asset tracking
We are sure you would like to have your asset list, like your lands, properties, cars, machineries, fax machines, computers and etc.

You need this list to find out how much are their costs and who are their holders. (Undertaking persons)

In this software you can define your assets and control their depreciations.

First you need to know where the location of each asset is.

Location of Fixed Asset
You have a specific section in this software for this purpose called ‘Locations of Fixed Assets’.

In this section you can define locations of your fixed assets like a tree, they could have picture also.

For example you can define rooms of the building and sections of each room. This categorization is used for putting the fixed assets inside.

Depreciation methods:
This software lets you to use different methods for depreciation in the same time, the methods are:
  • Straight line
  • Declining balance
  • Double declining balance
  • Some of the years digits
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