Powerful database manager
This ERP software has powerful background database manager. It is presented by three different database managers
  • Access.
  • SQL Server.
The powers and features in versions who are working with different database managers are the same but the one who uses SQL server and Oracle has more powers than Access DB which are:
  • In SQL server the security and speed is more and the users does not have direct access to the database files, so they can not copy or delete database files.
  • In the versions who the database manager is SQL Server it is possible for the computer which is in another location (for example in another city or country) to connect to the main computer in head office and work online, so in these versions you can connect your computers which are in different locations together and do accounting online like in one office, for more information please click here
Each version which is using each database manager has different prices and to see the price list you can click here
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