Minimum order quantity
One of the useful features in this software is ability to define minimum order quantity for stock items.

In this software you have a report for this purpose, the name is 'Stock Items reorder status'

If you set minimum order quantity for some stocks you can find out their reorder status in that report.

for example you are consuming sugar in your business and if your sugar finishes your business will stop, so you need to not let the sugar to be finished.

Ordering and buying sugar is taking time and to avoid finishing the sugar you need to order and start purchasing sugar before your sugar comes less than 100 kilos.

In this software it's very easy, all you need to do is setting Minimum order quantity for sugar to 100 Kg. then when sugar is coming less than 100 Kg. in stock, the report will inform you and you can start purchasing process to avoid finishing sugar before receiving new purchase.

Sleep relax when you are using this software because it's like an internal manager and everything is under your control.
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