Multi level Ledgers
Some of the accounting softwares have 3 levels of ledgers, it means the grouping of the ledgers are done in 3 levels, like master groups, groups and sub groups.

There are also accounting softwares which have 4 or 5 levels for ledgers grouping.

We are pleased to inform you that AFG ERP 2019 has unlimited levels for ledgers grouping. that's why we call it multi level ledgers. in this software you can group ledgers like a tree, in this tree branches are the groups and leaves are the ledgers.

for example you can have a master group named Current Liability and this master group could have some groups like Duties & Taxes, Projects in hand, Provisions, Sundry Creditors and etc. then each group could have some sub groups ... and you can unlimitedly continue to divide each group to some sub groups and again each sub group to more sub sub groups.

and all the reports will follow these grouping, for example in Trial balance you can see the balance of each master group, each group, each sub group and each ledgers.
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