It connects your branches, offices and shops together
If you have some offices in different locations, cities or countries, they can all use this software on-line, like in one office.

AFG ERP 2019 can connect your offices all over the world together.
Dear manager, you can connect your laptop to AFG ERP 2019 in your head office and work online when you are in travel or at home and all you need for this connection is internet in both of the sides.

This ability is available in SQL Server version only and you can not do that when you are using Access Database.

Imagine you are using AFG ERP 2019 and your database manager is SQL server, your head office is in Dubai and you have one branch in Doha.
Your computers in head office in Dubai are in the same network (LAN) and they are connected to a server, Server is a computer in your network, its operating system is windows server 2012 and you have installed SQL server on it.
AFG ERP 2019 is installed in all the computers in head office but the data and database manager is in server only.
Now you have a computer in Doha and AFG ERP 2019 is already installed on it, the data is in Server in Dubai head office and you need to connect this computer to that server.

First of all you need to have a dedicated IP address in Dubai and assign it to server computer, now you are sure your server IP address never changes.

In Doha computer you need to set database address so you need to set server computer address, thus easily put that dedicated IP address as server address, now the Doha PC can find server computer thru internet and is able to connect to its database.

With this method Doha PC and any other computers in world (like your laptop when you are in travel) could have AFG ERP 2019 on itself and use data on server computer which is in Dubai head office.
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