Our Services
We have several methods of services to keep you satisfied.

AFG software customer services and technical support are ready to answer your questions by email.

Send us an email wherever you are and ask your questions to receive back your answer in a short time if you have any questions about our product and services.

Our email address is info@afgsoftware.com

Chat with us and get our online assistant by clicking on this button in the left side of this window. our sales and Technical supports are available in chat to serve you seven days a week 24 Hours.

Connecting to your computer:
Don't worry if you face a problem in your accounting software or operating system or your windows settings and feel you need a technical person to visit and check your computer, because AFG software technical persons are always available to help you. We can connect to your PC thru Internet and resolve your problem in front of your eyes, you can watch what we do !

One of our services is training system, We know that you are worry about learning our software and training to your now and future accountants.

But don't worry, It has been thought before.

This software has a training CD; We call it Tutorial, In this CD all parts of software is trained by example and details. It's like a movie!

You have a home tutor when you have this CD, a tutor who never gets tired and is able to train a subject 100 times consecutively

Live Update
When you install AFG Accounting in your computer you have one tool with the name of 'Live Update', By running this tool you are able to receive new updates of AFG Accounting software Thru Internet.

It is a free service which is presented to our clients for upgrading their software online thru Internet.

AFG software is releasing new versions of AFG Accounting every month with more abilities and features, you can get it for free by using this tool.

Serial Replacement Policy
If for any reason (like corrupting hard disk, or loosed or stolen your computer) you loosed your software and you are not able to release your serial number, there is still a solution; we block your serial and we give you new replacement serial number. in this case you have to pay $45 USD for each  replacement serial number.
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