Step One: selecting AFG ERP powers:
In this section you select the powers that you would like your software have. If you select Full system you will have the software with full of powers and the price lower than the sum of all items.

Note: some of items are related to the others, so if you select a power you may see some related powers also are selected automatically.
Clear Code US Dollars 
  AFG ERP 2019  Access   SQL server 
A Accounting:
B End of the year operations:
C Cheque operations:
D Projects:
E Inventory:
F Receipt / Delivery note:
G Fixed Asset & Asset depreciation:
H Payroll:
I P.O.S:
J Exchange:
K Manufacturing:
Z Full system:
  Sum of selected items:
Step Two: selecting Database Manager:
Now it’s time to select one of Access or SQL server database manager, so you need to know more about them:
  • Security and speed is more in SQL server and the users does not have direct access to the database files, so they can not copy or delete database files.
  • In the versions who the database manager is SQL Server it is possible for the computer which is in another location (for example in another city or country) to connect to the main computer in head office and works online, so in these versions you can connect your computers which are in different locations together and do accounting online like in one office, for more information please click here  
I select Access database manager.
I select SQL server database manager
Step Three: How many computers?
The price which is displayed on bottom of above table is for One computer only. You need to pay 15% more for each extra computer if you would like to install the software on more than one computer. (in case of working on network)

Note: if in future you want to buy more serial numbers (for example for your laptop) you cannot buy it for 15% only and you need to pay full base price (Table in step one) so it’s better you buy more extra serial numbers now for your future use. (Because now you can have extra serial numbers for 15% only)
I would like to install this software on computer(s).
Your final selected product installable on computer(s).
AFG ERP 2019 with Database manager
Code: Payable $ USD
As you see in above table, the cash price of your selected product is $ USD. You can buy it by installment plan as well with 2.5% interest for 12 months, in this case each installment would be $  USD and the sum of all your 12 installments would be $ USD. more about it
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