Job offer $260 USD per day

AFG_Software Company is a company producing financial software. We show you a way to earn an income of $260 a day with no investment.

You can make use of this plan in whatever Persian-, English-, or Arabic-speaking country you live in, and can begin your activity in your own city, and gain this income. You can begin right away and test the plan.

Plan Details

We have three pieces of software for sale: Each software costs US$650, the equivalent of which in any currency can be paid by the customer. Your job will be to market and sell any of the software items that you wish. We will pay 40 percent of the sale amount to you as commission, equivalent to $260. This means that you will receive $260 for each sale.

There are two important points to be noted, however: This means that 40 percent of the amount of each sale is considered for you once it is made, but it will be blocked until released and deposited into your account upon the following sale. Note, however, that the period between two consecutive sales must not exceed one month. If you fail to make any sale within a period of one month after your last sale, your contract and registration will be voided, and the amount blocked due to your previous sale will be lost.

Moreover, you will have a deadline of one month to make your first sale once you pay the initial $10 for plan registration cost. If you fail to make any sale within one month after registration, your registration will be voided, and the $10 amount will be lost.

Will It Be Possible for a Customer to Whom you Introduce the Software to Make a Purchase Directly at the Website of the Company Rather Than from You?

This is impossible, since we will provide you with a 5-percent discount code, by receiving which your customer will get a 5-percent discount. If (s)he makes a purchase at the website, however, (s)he will get no discount.

Will Customers Be Willing to Purchase Our Software?

Yes, for a number of reasons as follows:

Not a Bad Income; Give It a Ponder

Are you willing to start the job?

If yes, pay $10 registration fee and start.

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