JOB OFFER (Outdoor Sales)
Salary $5000 / month

AFG software is a software developer company and hires sales representative staff for outdoor sales in all cities and countries all over the world.

if you would like to join us and sell our accounting software, we hire you in your city and you will work in your town as our outdoor sales representative, in this way you can make more than 5000 USD per month for yourself.

To do that you need a computer , a mobile phone connected to the internet and a little computer knowledge, that's all.

What is exactly the job of a sale representative?
Introducing and selling accounting and POS software to shops in your city.

All stores of any kind, and whatever they sell can be considered a buyer of the accounting software, so you can visit any store in the city and introduce them the accounting software.

Its price is $390 USD and it has $19 annual charge.

Shops can test the software for one week before buying, they can also pay the price in 4 monthly installments, so selling such this software is very easy.

Half of every sales is for you. infarct you don't have fixed salary, you are commission base, you will get $195 from each sale, so if you have one sale a day and one day off in a week, your income will be more than $5000 per month.

Your benefits:
A. if you have one sale a day you make $5000 / month, and if you sell two softwares in a day, your income will be more than $10,000 per month.

B. you will get paid weekly.

C. you will get one month salary as bonus after a year.

Your duties:
A. You must pay us $20 for registration fee.

B. You must watch Tutorials to learn how to install and use the software.

C. Your job is visiting the shops everywhere in city and introducing and selling our accounting software, you can visit around 100 shops a day, go to shops, introduce them the software and mention they can check the software one week before buying.

D. You have to convince at least one shop a day for installing the software on his computer experimentally.
Note: The shops that agree for testing the software experimentally must pay $10 for installation and initial training, and you must register them on the website which we will tell you later.

E. The most important condition of your job is that you must have at least one shop register a day, it means you must find at least one shop to let you install the software on his PC experimentally for one week free using in testing period.

D. if some days you couldn't find any shop you must cover it in next day, I mean you must find two shops in next day.

E. if you do not have any record in three consecutive days your contract with us will be canceled.

F. Your commission on each sale is $195 so remember that installing and training the software is one of your duty. but it is very easy job because we have already prepared full training video for all parts and all you need to do is playing Tutorial videos to customers. these training videos teach all parts of software step by step and you don't need to put any effort for that.

G. After first installation and training you are allowed to charge the customer for your extra training and services.

Would you like this job?
If yes, pay $20 registration fee, then you will also get one license for this accounting software (POS system for resellers) for your own using and learning and practicing.

Then fill below form, we will contact you by Telegram or WhatsApp or Skype after a day, and will give you your reseller control panel and additional information for starting your job.

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